Scarcity Rating

The Scarcity Rating Explained

Each model description has a "Scarcity Rating".

This ratings system bases on the system as deployed in the Schuco Piccolo Collector's Guide but we have modified some of the ratings to our experience as the guide is over 2 years old in the mean time.

The rating knows 4 "values" which should be read as follows:


Current issue. This is a normal production Piccolo of which there is still sufficient stock available to meet the demand of collectors. As long as a model has this rating, do not expect any increases in value.

2. More difficult to find. Usually, this is a former "1" which has sold out at the factory (in that color) or a limited edition. Will become a rare item on middle long term. Expect an increase in value if you have some patience.
3. Rare. This usually concerns the very limited edition promotional Piccolo's which were made for private customers and which were never available to the specialist toy trade directly from Schuco. Will become even rarer on short term (and so more valuable!). A sound investment.
4. An absolute rarity! A top-notch collector's item which is very difficult to find. Price is determined by the supply which usually comes from collectors who are selling out. There is no steady "source" for these so they are usually bought on a 1-by-1 basis. Expensive but will become even more expensive.

None of the above rating is "absolute" of course as what is plentiful today might no longer be available tomorrow and visa-versa. The rating is merely intended as an easy indication towards how "easy" or "difficult" to find a model is.